Visionary Chronicle Features: Trident Swimwear

I can’t believe it’s been a few months already since I launched my newest blog, Visionary Chronicles.  But time does fly when you’re swept away in a whirlwind of creativity, design, and immersing oneself in the stylish chaos known as the fashion industry.  I am so proud of my most recent finished product, which is a captivating collaboration with Florida’s up-and-coming swimsuit designer, Mary Wright.


Models Ariana Doeg and Nina Sanchez

The team of ambitious, talented women that made this editorial shoot possible went above and beyond all of my wildest expectations to achieve our final product.  If you want to read all about each member of the team who brought our collaboration to life, head over to:


Models Christy and May Ibrahim and Angejolie Belle


Presenting: Visionary Chronicles

As my passion for design and photography has continued to blossom over the past year, I realized it’s not enough to simply drop a post here and there about my projects and progress.  My visions have gotten much larger than that!  So finally, after reservations about taking on yet another self-appointed “assignment”, I’ve thrown caution to the winds and launched a brand new blog:

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Model: May Ibrahim @may.nicole121

I am super excited for this new direction which is bringing me that much closer to marrying ALL of my goals into one glorious end game:  A way to be a successful writer, photographer, and designer all at once!  Visionary Chronicles will document my creative journey, along with those of my fellow visionaries, through captivating editorial photography and exclusive interviews all shot conducted by me.

I would love all of your support as I embark on this new path, which is uniting me with such powerful and motivational people.  Walk with me, friends!





Solar System

I used to think that
like a stone
I must draw power
from the radiant heat of you
I used to think that lying
in wait
for you each morning
would bring a day
full of light and warmth

But I am the sun
and all of its brilliance
I have the strength
to illuminate my own universe
I can rise
with the weightless glory
of intention
I can nourish my own days
with the luminance of growth
And I will.
And I do.

It’s Official: Graphted Designs is a .Com!

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All the rumors are true:  Graphted Designs is officially “going steady” with its very own url!  No more sneaking around on other websites:

is now your One-Stop Shop to all things brand and product related.  It’s also the best place to learn about Yours Truly:  All you need to know about me as an artist, what makes me tick, and all those juicy behind-the-scenes spoilers that you all are constantly craving…!

Take a moment to stop by and congratulate them on their union, and while you’re there subscribe to the Graphted Designs email list.


Bringing “Undead Love” to Life

If I could see myself
eyes nearly all pupil
and focused on one
delicate goal
I could at least envision accurately
the face
of her terror

–excerpt from “First Prey”

Good news, for all of my Die-Hard Vamp poetry fans out there: Now you CAN put a face to the creature lurking in your darkest fantasies!  A lethally beautiful, seductive face which breathes new life into my “Undead Love: Everything Vamp-ed” poetry collection.

I am slowly, tauntingly releasing my newest artistic series entitled “Cannibelles” which is a visual manifestation of the fierce, alluring creatures born from the powerful imagery which characterized the “Undead Love” poems.


A Cannibelle is a creature of lethal beauty, defined by carnal cravings and an insatiable appetite for the power granted to her through her raw sensuality. Shamelessly empowered by the strength of her innate femininity, her aesthetic prowess is rivaled only by the ferocity of her heart.

This series is near and dear to my heart, as it has given me a chance to explore a realm of my own creation, pushing and re-defining ideas of love, devotion, femininity, and mortality.

To follow the evolution of the series, visit my portfolio/ storefront at:

This is only the beginning for “Cannibelles”, and I have a feeling their fangs will be sunk deep in my creative vein for a long time to come…

Take a look, I promise, they’re to die for…!


Leading with my eyes
I draw you in
to the space between
letting in
and letting go
where the words we have not spoken
become the music of our thoughts

And hardly knowing
what the other intends
we dance beneath the stars
of my darkness

My face is a constellation
of questions
But my eyes are the answer
to all of yours


And hardly knowing
what the other intends
we dance amidst the turbulence
of a storm
of our own making

Leading with my eyes
I invite you close
enough to admire
the intricacies of my mask
The perfection of my façade
as the music sings to life

Hardly knowing
what the other intends
we are entangled in the masquerade
Blindly bound to the beauty
of concealment

Night Vision

I heard your heart breathe
and followed the sound of the sigh
into the twilight of your love
where I grew calm
And slept
And dreamt of the light
on the edge of shadows

I heard the whisperings of your soul
guiding me into a forest of light
both sheltering and illuminating
And every part of me awoke

I envisioned the shape
of Love’s first breath
The abrupt gasp
The surprise of tasting existence
An innate understanding of
the unstoppable rhythm
I cradled it
Felt it sigh against my breast
and cherished wholly
what had been born

I heard your heart breathe
and forgot all distinction
between waking and dreams


To enjoy the artwork which both inspired and was influenced by this poem, please visit my portfolio here: